Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Dinner, German Style

In case there was any doubt, let me state plainly ... I never met a carb I didn't like. Period. Just take a look at that photo of my plate. A bit of meat? Check. A truck load of spaetzle? Double check! Throw in a nice, herbed bread dumpling for good measure? Check again.

My name is Diva and I need to return to my diet. ~wink~

Our culinary tour of Germany concludes today; and, in essence, it ends where it began, with the first stop on our trip - a family party. Or, as they say in Germany - a family meeting. The husband is blessed to have relatives in Southern Germany and any time one of us "Americanos" comes over there's a party ... a BIG party.

This year it was held at The Gasthaus zur Krone in the lovely little town of Buchenbach. More than 30 of the relatives gathered to greet us and they treated us to an amazing afternoon of food, fun, beer and song!

Fear not, there were some vegetables. The meal began with a gorgeous salad bar, laden with all manner of fresh veggies and savory salads. The potato and carrot salads were a personal favorite. Once the plates had been cleared, there came forth from the kitchen enormous platters of savory roast beef, tender pork schnitzel, great heaping bowls of home-made spaetzle and the afore mentioned herbed dumplings. My stars, it was good! And made even better by the delicious gravy that we poured on *everything*!

And, this time, I did have dessert ... a lot of dessert. Each family made a special dessert for the occasion and the offerings were impressive!

There were all manner of fruit tarts, crumbles, buckles and more. A lemon chiffon cake, a mocha mousse cake, cookies, pastries, you name it - we had it. Oh and there was ice cream too - a "make-it-yourself" sundae bar, complete with warm caramel, strawberry sauce, and big bowls of whipped cream. Phew! Are you full yet?

Needless to say, a walk was in order. After the meal we strolled the town, then returned to the Gasthaus for rousing sing-along ... in German! And, needless to say, more beers. Let me tell assure you, the Germans know how to party.

I feel so fortunate to have such connections in other parts of the world. We were welcomed with such hospitality and warmth, I am truly at a loss to repay the overwhelming abundance of kindness. I can only hope that our German family will visit us here in New York some day so that I can return the favor.

And there you have a brief overview of The Family Meeting. Now its time for this Diva to have a meeting with her own stove. Its been so long since I've cooked a meal - I might have to Google my kitchen for directions!

Guten appetit!


Maven said...

First of all, any people who pour gravy over everything are my kind of folk! And I've always wanted to try spaetzel - I should put it on my bucket list (how sad that my bucket list mostly involves food ;)

And the desserts! I'm not usually a dessert eater, but those would have got me too!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I am absolutely a carb-o-holic, so I totally get you :). What a fab selection of deserts daaaaaaahling, its enough to make any dieter get off the wagon!

words...words...words... said...

I should really learn to stop reading your blog before lunch. Mmm, spaetzel!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Maven - hmm, sounds like our bucket lists have a lot in common ... now pass the gravy, please! ;)

HH - I knew you'd be happy about the desserts! I didn't want you to think I'd been "good" for the whole of my vacation! LOL

words words words - I'm thinking you should whip up a batch of spatzel for yourself and get back to that Sunday dinner posting! ;)

Charmian @ Christie's Corner said...

Those desserts look delicious! And being a carb addict, they're calling to me. Really loudly.

Had to laugh at your line about needing Google to find your kitchen. With me it's the washer/drier.

pixelgal said...

Maybe you could get the recipes for some of those fabulous desserts and/or the spaetzle? It's worth a shot. Then you can warn all the dieters of the danger inherent in reading that particular blog and make amends by issuing a super diet meal the next day!


nora@ffr said...

wow!! m loving the dessert cake!! beautiful!

Donna-FFW said...

lol.. needless to say more beers.. I am so with you on that one. Goes so well with this type food, no?

stephchows said...

yum! i've never met a carb I didn't like either :D

Anonymous said...

I would love all these gorgeous desserts here!

Deb said...

Let's just say my carb addicition is what out me on the beach in the first place - but those noodles look so yummy. Good thing my next trip is Greece - they are not a culture known for their carbs - Thank goodness!

Yum Yucky said...

Schnitzel! Schnitzel!

Yes, we use veal and have it every Chrismastime. My grandmother is from Austria. It's been a food tradition since birth!