Monday, August 2, 2010

BlogHer '10 + Farm Fresh Garlic

No, BlogHer and garlic have nothing to do with one another ... at least not as far as I can tell. I'm simply using this photo as an intro to my question of the day. I'll tell you all about the garlic, in due course.

So, are any of you going to BlogHer '10 this Friday and Saturday (8/6 and 8/7) in NYC this weekend?

I am! If you'll be there too, please drop me a line in the comments so I will know to look out for you! I already know that Jenn from Savor the Thyme and Mo Diva will be there ... and I'm looking forward to meeting you both! Anyone else making the trip???

Though this is the general BlogHer Conference, and not the foodie edition, I figured I'd check it out - especially as I had such a good time at BlogHer Food '09. I'm looking forward to it and hope that some of my foodie pals will be there as well. Let me know if you're planning to attend!

As for the garlic, this is just a sample of my bro's summer 2010 offerings. He's harvested hundreds upon hundreds of sweet, succulent fresh garlic from his garden, and he was gracious enough to put together a sampler for me. Above from left: German White Garlic, Bavarian Purple Garlic, and Spanish Roja Garlic. Seen at the very end of the display are some lovely shallots - also fresh from his garden.

I've been having lots of fun incorporating the different varieties into our meals ... and I hope to tell you all about it ... soon. This week is a little hectic for me. Mama and Papa Diva will be here for the day on Wednesday and I'll be at BlogHer on Friday ... so my posting may be sparse.

Hang in there and stay tuned for the garlic themed dishes to come. On the menu for tomorrow: white pizza with garlic sauce. You won't want to miss this one ... it was spectacular!

Have a happy Monday!


Astra Libris said...

Ohhh, I so wish I could attend - mostly so I could meet you!! :-) Someday I hope we will get to meet in person! :-)

The array of garlic is positively glorious!!

Heavenly Housewife said...

How wonderful that you are going to BlogHer, I'd really like to attend one of those some day.
*kisses* HH

pixelgal said...

I think I'll start a blog so I can go to all these great events! See you soon my dear.


Molly said...

purple garlic is da bomb!

So wish I was going to BlogHer...but I'll live though you in your recap.

Have fun!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Astra - I'm certainly we'll meet up somewhere along the way! Its bound to happen ... and I want it to! :)

HH - a bit of a long trip for you, eh? LOL Have you given any thought to going to BlogHer Food in SF this fall? I'll be there too!

pixelgal - see you Wednesday! :)

Molly - I'll do my best with the recap and hopefully we'll meet up one of these days too!

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Looking forward to more posts on garlic - yum! Hope you had fun at the BlogHer event - Cheers!

Lentil Breakdown said...

I am a complete neophyte on the topic of garlic varieties, so I look forward to your posts. Have a great time at the conference!