Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brillo Head

The summer's heat and humidity are upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Brillo Head. I've got it. I've got it bad. When I'm not policing the city for violations of my mascara edict, I'm busy scrutinizing every woman I pass and wondering why her hair looks so nice and neat while mine resembles Don King. I don't think I have to tell you how upsetting this is. I may never leave the house.

I've got shelves and shelves of "frizz-free" this and "anti-humidity" that in my closet and none of it works. The best I can do is wash it, throw it in a pony tail, and hope that I'll get points for cleanliness. I kiss my glossy, shiny-straight tresses good-bye in May and long for their return in October. I've just written the summer off, hair-wise.

You can imagine my joy when I recently read about Frederic Fekkai's new line: Summer Hair. Why, I was nearly breathless in anticipation of trying it and I think my hands actually trembled a bit as I forked over the cash for the purchase. Well, here's my review: horrid!

The text on the bottle promises: "Zero-Humidity Frizz Control. All day frizz and fly-away protection." Um, no. After using it my hair felt crisp, nearly brittle, and it expanded to heretofore unprecedented width. We're talking Dora the Explorer here. (Warning, that link has sound.) I mean it was big. BIG.

Needless to say I'm returning it. Its too expensive and for me, at least, ineffective. Thus, I appeal to you my style-savy readers and ask: what's your secret for taming the summer beast? Do you have a recommendation for an anti-frizz product that actually works? If so, please do share. This Diva is desperate and needs your help.


rachel said...

OK - while mascara is something best left to others, hair control is something I've needed to deal with from a genetic sensibility. I have, at least partially, a head of fabulously thick, healthy, wavy, prone to frizz, and sensitive to humidity, Jewish hair. I was tempted also by the bold promises made by Fred Fuck-I, but had already found a fabu product at my local hair salon. And here was a case when giving out free samples really paid off for them. I tried one envelope size of "10" and then came back and practically emptied their sample bin into my pocketbook, (with their permission, natch...) and then purchased the product from them. I love this. My hair, (and I spend several days a week immersed in a chlorinated pool) is soft, smells great and has this delicious wave - not-to-be-confused-with frizz! I don't know the maker - but it's just called 10. Like the number. duh.

nonna anna said...

For years, I've dreaded this time of the year, due to the fact that my hair undergoes a complete metamorphosis. I just use a spritz of Pantene "light hold" hair spray.
Then I wake up with pillow head each morning...so it's anew day and a new challenge.
Best regards,
Nonna Anna

The Diva on a Diet said...

Pillow Head! I think I've had that! LOL