Thursday, June 12, 2008

Housekeeping: Extended Version

Boy do I love that apron. I don't really wear one but if I did, you know it would look like this.

Just a few details about the blog. I've moved the "labels" feature so its shown beneath the blog archive. You can use the labels to find recipes or certain posts. If you're looking for chicken, click on chicken, etc. Its just another way to navigate the blog.

Similarly, you may notice that some of the older posts are no longer visible on the front page. There's a link beneath the last entry, "Older Posts" which will take you to them, should you wish to re-read, etc. You can also navigate via the "blog archive", where the entries are listed by date and title.

Some words about the comments: keep making 'em and keep checking 'em. I'd hate to think I'm talking to myself here ... as I'm already privy to my inner monologue. I may have responded to you or a new reader may have left a valuable tip. People are coming to the blog at different times. They may read an older post and respond to it, so when you get a chance breeze through them from time to time. Don't be shy, feel free to join in, particularly if you're a new reader or someone unknown to me. I promise I'll be gentle.

Finally, this is the extended version as I'll be away for a few days. Family calls and the Diva must make a command appearance.

See you on Monday. Ciao!

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