Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Meme and Menu Musings ...

Its a dreary day here in the city. Rain soaked and wind swept, and what I want to do is spend the day in my pajamas, curled up with a good book. What I need to do is figure out what to do with the remainder of that monster turkey breast taking up space in my fridge. My first instinct would be to make a yummy pot-pie, but the necessary double crust is none too Beachy - so that's out. I'm not a great fan of turkey soup, so that's a no-go as well. I'm thinking chili. What could be more welcoming that a piping hot bowl of spicy, savory chili topped with the sharpest cheddar imaginable and oozing with rivulets of melting sour cream? (Non-fat, of course!)

I think I'm sold! Unfortunately, this will necessitate some hunting and foraging on my part ... which will necessitate a clothing change. While I may be prone to wearing the kitten ears from time to time, I've never shopped in my pjs ... and I'm not about to start now.

While I'm out battling both the crowds and the elements, do peruse this meme that Scarlet tagged me with last week. I'm winging it in terms of creating the chili, so stayed tuned for a full report and the resulting recipe on Monday.

Four Times Meme:

Instructions: Copy/paste the meme into your blog, type in your answers and tag four people on your lists! Don't forget to change my answers to your own.

(A) Four places I go over and over: my office, the pool, Sephora, various supermarkets.

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: the husband, my mom, my sister in laws, Talbots!

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat: at home, Modern Apizza, Nice Matin, El Faro ... this list could go on and on, but I'm sticking to the rules.

(D) Four places you'd rather be: at the beach, in Paris, in bed, at a Rolling Stones concert.

(E) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Project Runway, Top Chef, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, Seinfeld.

(F) Four people I think will respond: Sass, Miss Caught Up, Jo Boston, Having It Girl.

Today's picture was taken at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, at twilight last Thursday. It was a beautiful evening and the gardens themselves were magnificent. I hope to return in day light sometime.

Now, I'm not sure who will or will not respond - but those were the four names that came to mind. If you're not on the list, feel free to pick a few and answer in the comments. Curious Diva wants to know ... especially as relates to your four favorite places to eat!

Have a great weekend and make it Divalicious!


Miss Caught Up said...

Oooh! A Meme! I'll have to post mine Monday :) And do post the chili recipe! I love chili!

The Diva on a Diet said...

That's A-ok, MCU. I held this for a few days before I got to it as well. No pressure!

Now off to get shopping and cooking!


Yay, you got around to it! I need to post - I'm full of a cold but I'm sure I can type without the use of my eyes...

Scarlet xx

do you think you have it? said...

I had to come check out what a "meme" was and I appreciate the mention, then of course couldn't disappoint! :)

I know exactly what you mean about dreary days-- had one of those today. Good thing it's a friday and we can drink away our sorrows ;). I'll re-post the thing soon, but for now I've got to hop in the shower and get ready!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hiya, thankyou for your lovely comment. Im afraid today I do not look as glam as my blog. I looked quite alarming when I woke this morning! Maybe I should just stop in or not drink alcohol when I go out! The botanical gardens look lovely. Im not keen on turkey but I will eat it, I never thought of putting it in chilli, that sounds nice. Maybe tomorrow, Im still on toddler food today after my night out, my insides have been doing a rumba! I love project runway, Tim Gunn seems like a lovely man. We also have project catwalk here in the UK hosted by Kelly Osbourne, just the same programme but the mentor is Ben De Lisi. Bye for now Mandy X

rachel said...

OKAY - so knowing that the mascara side of this blog has been sadly underserved, :-) - I am posting my latest foray into 'scara land...Yes, Sephora, a truly wonderful place - the same way Barnes and Noble is like a library where you can both eat and speak without being shushed, Sephora is dress up play for grownups. I love that one can spend all the time you want just playing with makeup - and they provide all the fun accoutrements, and you don't even have to pretend you will buy something - and that you can buy and use whatever you want - and, get this - RETURN it for full refund if you end up not liking it! Perfect for cosmetic peabrains like myself, who inevitably think I look fabulous under their lights, but then, in the light of day, look like thoswe scary upper east side women with their lipstick on all cockeyed.

So, on a fun whim purchased a somewhat new mascara on the market - 'cause what do i have to lose? The fiberwig - like brush on fasle eyelashes. Now, I've worn fasle eyelashes in many a theatrical production, but probably wouldn't in light of day, or even to a nightclub - but fiberwig is so far a fun idea - loks more natural - and does add length - not plumpness. And, frankly, plumpness is not a state in which I need to spend extra time. So - try it at sephora - and we can meet there to return it together - and then do each others' makeup!

pixelgal said...

I NEED Sephora! Do they have a counter for, say, mature ladies that is guaranteed to stave off the old age fairy who comes at night when I'm sleeping and causes me to shun mirrors each a.m. until I'm ready for makeup. (Maybe Sephora employs her to boost their coffers with retirement $$$?) Anyway it sounds great. Thanks Rachel!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Oh no, Scarlet, you're still sick? Ugh. I hope you'll be feeling better this week.

Having It Girl - I know you're consumed with school stuff. No worries if you can't/don't get around to it.

Mandy - I hope you're well enough to be back on the solid foods by now! LOL I agree, I adore Tim Gunn!

Rachel - funny you should mention it ... I have another new mascara to recommend in a future post. Will get to it later in the week, I think. Meanwhile, I've been curious about the FiberWig. It sounds good and also scary. Do the fibers come off into your eyes? I hope not! That was my main concern. I'll await further review from you.

pixelgal - I have a forthcoming mascara recommendation for you too ... you of the sensitive eyes. I read about a product that might work for you. Stay tuned!