Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

This is a picture of the grape arbor in Mama and Papa Diva's yard ... and it has nothing to do with today's post ... other than for me to ask Pixelgal: how's that jelly coming along? ;)

Its Friday and I have one million errands to do before what will be a busy weekend. Also, we had left-overs last night so its time for something quick and easy here. I stole this meme from Jo at Taking Over the World One Bite at a Time. Click the link and you can read her answers - then scroll down for her report on the recent slow-food event in San Francisco. Looks like it was amazing! If you're a fellow blogger, you can steal this from me and link back your answers in my comments if you like. If you're not a blogger, pick a few interesting questions and sound off in the comments. Hungry Diva wants to know!

Sweet or salty?


Which ingredient(s) do you use most?
Garlic, chicken, zucchini

What’s the cooking sound you most love?
Not really cooking, but I love the whistle of my tea kettle. Conversely, when I'm deep in the throws of holiday baking, I'm tortured by the sound of my kitchen timer. It haunts me in my dreams and by the time the last batch of cookies enters the oven I'm ready to stick a fork in my ear.

What’s your favorite cooking smell?
The smell of homemade sauce and meatballs simmering on the stove.

What are the qualities you most admire in a dish?
Texture and great, balanced, flavors.

What is your most treasured possession in the kitchen?
My Kitchen Aid mixer. (See above holiday marathon baking reference.) It was a birthday present from my mom some years ago and it completely revolutionized the baking madness.

What is a dirty word in your kitchen?
There are several: frying ... never do it, fat ... try to avoid it, liver or organ meats ... no, just no!

What are afraid to do in the kitchen?
Nothing that I can think of, I'm pretty intrepid.

What won’t you eat?
Liver or any organ meat, oysters, snails, goat, black pudding, lamb, several kinds of fish ... shall I go on?

Have you ever lost your appetite for a food you once loved?
Not that I can recall.

Have you ever had a change of heart involving a food you once disliked?
So many that I can't even begin to list them.

If you could choose one historical or living cook to make you a meal right now, who and what would it be?
She is neither historical nor living, but I'd have to say my grandma Pam. She's historical to me, to my family, so I guess that counts. I want her to make me ziti and meatballs or her homemade pizza. There's not a single celebrity chef who could hold a candle to either of those dishes. Period.

Who are your favorite cookbook authors/food writers?
Is it wrong if I say myself? (Kidding, I'd probably say Dorie Greenspan.)

What is your favorite food-related word?

What is your favorite food-related scene from literature or the movies?
Weird, but I can't think of an answer for this one. I'm stumped.

What’s your favorite food-shopping errand or journey?
This only happens when we're in CT ... but it happens *every* time we're in CT ... going to Liuzzi's market.

To which country would you move for the food?
I'd stay here in the USA because we have so many great food options. I love to travel, but I'm always happy to come home. If pressed, perhaps Italy ... but after spending 3 weeks there I was soooo ready for some fat-free yogurt and a salad!

What’s your poison?
Poison as in a good thing - chocolate, pasta, New Haven pizza.
Poison as in a bad thing - you know I'm going to say the sea creatures. See also above referenced organ meats. ~brrrrr~

What’s your standard outfit in the kitchen?
A t-shirt and jeans ... or sometimes ... ok, often ... pj bottoms!

You wish to die with what in your stomach?
I plan to live forever so this question is irrelevant.

If heaven exists, what do you hope they have on the menu?
Grandma Pam's ziti and meatballs. Sensing a theme here?

If you came back as a fruit or a vegetable, which one would it be?
Neither, I want to be a lap cat.

What are you craving right now?
A vacation!

Have a great weekend, all ... and make it Divalicious!


Teresa said...

Hey there Ms. Diva. Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh yeah, we're a Cowboys family. I think all of El Paso is. My son and daughter-in-law live in Dallas right close to where they're building the new stadium. We're excited. We'll see how they do against the Eagles on Monday.

Jo Boston said...

hey!! thanks for the link back. you hate liver too? *ugh* can't stand the stuff! Mom and Pop have grapes growing in the yard? that's so awesome. it's always cold and foggy here in Daly City so nothing really grows well. =(

if foodbuzz is doing something in your area, make sure to go for it. or if something is going on that you want to cover, maybe they will put you on assignment. =)

happy friday to you too!

Michele said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I'll give it a go and post it this afternoon. Loved your answers! I've been known to cook in my PJ's as well. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Astra Libris said...

What a fun introduction to your blog! I agree with you about the organ meats... *shudder*

Katie said...

Those grapes look so luscious!

Great blog :)

pixelgal said...

Favorite cooking sound: silence! It means I'm not burning anything.
Cooking smell: Anything Italian
Dirty word in the kitchen: Cotswold Savory (see a former posting)
Won't eat: mussels, raw clams, etc.
Historic cook: Gramma Pam. All the things Diva said plus her eggplant parm. Best ever.

Love you Diva--and what canning???


My favourite cooking smell? My mom's homemade chilli which I can smell stewing nicely now as she makes it for me - I'm ill, so any good food is a comfort.


Scarlet xx

The Diva on a Diet said...

Teresa - I'm excited for the game tonight and wishing I had some of your yummy treats to enjoy while watching!

Jo - what a great idea about asking Foodbuzz if I can cover local events. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and yes, I hate liver. Ugh.

Michele - glad you liked the meme. I popped over to look at your answers and loved them. You have a great blog. Good idea to add the tag at the end too. I'll be checking back.

Astra Libris - I was about to say who doesn't agree on the organ meats ... then I remember that the husband digs them. Ick.

Katie - I clicked over and really enjoyed your blog too. Your photos are amazing.

Pixelgal - I thought you were going to make some jelly with those grapes? LOL Maybe next year we should plan a jelly-making day together!

Scarlet - Oh no! What a rotten time of year to be sick. I'm sorry to hear it. Feel better soonest, dear! I hate the thought of mascara running down your face ... so sad! xoxoxo

Lastly - thank you all so much for taking the time to comment. I genuinely appreciate it! :)

The Diva on a Diet said...

Incidentally, the comment I deleted was my first spam experience on Beach Eats. I've hit the big time ... I got spammed. Yay! Not. LOL