Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Special Report: Missing Tacos

Have you see these tacos?

They were ordered for delivery from Fresco Tortilla on Saturday afternoon by the husband ... and they have yet to arrive. I wish I were kidding. I'm not.

For the first time in all the years we've lived here a food delivery failed us. The order never arrived. Strange too, because its not like it was a peak delivery time - and he has successfully received food from Fresco in the past. We called them back twice to inquire and both times were told: "they're on the way" ... which is delivery speak for "the check's in the mail." After more than an hour he gave up and went to our local deli for a sandwich. Sad.

Suffice it to say that Fresco Tortilla is off the list chez Diva. The menu has been discarded, their name never to be mentioned again. Sad.

I should note two things for the record: one, I was a good kitten and made myself a lovely salad for lunch that day. And, two, this photo is no way related to Fresco Tortilla. It was taken in San Luis, Colorado at Mrs. Rios' Restaurant. The husband has been cropped out of the picture and - though the image is really pretty terrible - I can assure you the food was outstanding. If you ever have occasion to find yourself in San Luis, CO, do yourself a favor and have a meal at Mrs. Rios. What it lacks in decor is made up for by far in the truly magnificent and authentic food. Order anything. Order everything! It will all be delicious ... and unlike this tale of delivery woe, you'll come away nourished and satisfied.

Bon appetit!


Miss Caught Up said...

Is San Luis, CO far away from Denver? I'm going to be there sometime next month for a wedding, so I'll have to check out Mrs. Rios' :) I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! :)

Michele said...

We had the same problem with a local sandwich shop. I ordered lunch my girls at work at 11am....and lunch showed up at 4pm. We put their menu through the shredder. Such a shame because they make their own breads and make the most unique sandwiches.

The Diva on a Diet said...

M.C.U. - San Luis is closer to New Mexico than it is Denver. We drove there from Denver, but it was a pretty long drive. I may have a Mexican suggestion for you in Denver if its still open. Will hunt around and get back to you next week!

Michele - Such a shame when good delivery goes bad! 5 hours for sanwiches?! Yikes.

Tracy said...

Oh my, that's terrible! I've had situations where orders arrive incomplete, but I've never had an order NOT show up at all. Buh-bye Fresco Tortilla.