Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Wrong with This Picture?

This is a picture of my stove. It is neither clean nor being used. I'm having one of those weeks where life gets in the way of blogging ... and cooking. The reality is I won't be near my stove or keyboard again until the weekend. I just wanted to let you know I haven't broken up with my stove or dropped off the face of the earth. Rest assured, I'll have a full report come Monday afternoon ... and hopefully the stove and I will be reunited in due course. Stay tuned for more deliciousness next week.

In the meanwhile, have a look around at the archives if you're new ... and if you're not, take a spin through my newly expanded BlogRoll. I've added some great new links. Or come back and tell me what's cooking in your kitchen this week. Hungry and curious Diva wants to know!

Have a great rest of the week and I'll see you again on Monday.

Bon appetit!



Stove? You mean oven? Ha ha - I love it when people talk in a kind of old-fashioned way. I'm strangely old fashioned considering but it still makes me laugh when I see little things like this!

Have a good weekend! But why oh why must you stop blogging for this week so early?! I need your recipes Diva!!

Scarlet xx

P.S. Lunch today = piri piri chicken wrap w/xtra salad. Yum.

Sass said...

That's a very pretty stove. :-) I think I have a stove. I'm not sure, though. I have a phone, and it calls regularly for pizza. So that's gotta count, right?

Have a beautiful week...end.


Deb said...

We will definitely miss you Diva.

Scary thing I noticed in looking at your stove picture - I have the exact same version of your stove but in electric - my subdivision is not hooked to gas so I had to go with what I could get :( but I love this cooking unit!!

Have a fun week - see you on the weekend!


How was the south?

Katie said...

I hope you have some time to relax! I'm looking forward to your weekend return :)

Kitty Cat said...

Hi there, I'm the newbie, dropping by and seeing your blog! Will check out your archives too!

Michele said...

I've had weeks like that. Life tends to get in my way more often than what I'm comfortable with.

Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!!

Astra Libris said...

I completely understand! Life does have a way of taking over sometimes... Hang in there (and by the way, your stove is lovely!)


Diva, I have a meme for you! Pop by and pick it up! I have faith that you will!

Scarlet xx

The Diva on a Diet said...

We did have a nice and relaxed trip. The husband had to work some, but we were able to find time for fun and some yummy dining. Will report on it tomorrow for sure.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, I will certainly repay them asap!

Scarlet - you think "stove" is old fashioned?! How funny! I think its commonly used over here ... but maybe I'm out of it. What do the rest of you say ... stove or oven????

Deb - pixelgal has the electric version of this unit too. Its a good one ... my only complaint is the broiler which is rather more anemic than I'm used to. :(