Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Big Thank You ...

I'm finally getting around to posting this and regretting that it took so long. Michele from Life, Lightly Salted passed on her E! Award to me last week and I am supremely grateful. It means a lot coming from her because I respect her work so much. Michele's blog is an absolute treasure and its probably the coolest looking blog around to boot. I really, really dig both her vibe and her recipes. If you have yet to check her out, do so immediately - you'll love it. She's a wonderful writer and her photos are outstanding too. Michele, I'm so pleased we've found each others' blogs and I look forward to meeting you in person someday soon. Thank you so much!

In the spirit of the award I'm going to pass it to the follow people who, like Michele, are on my must read list:

1. Vickie at Uncommon Artistic Endeavors - I love Vickie's spirit and enthusiasm and her recipes are both charming and creative. I've marked many of them as "must make" and need to get around to doing so! Her blog is entirely delightful!

2. Scarlet at Jamjarsuperstar - because this blog is most excellent indeed and I'm thrilled to finally repay Scarlet's many kindnesses. You rock, Scarlet, and so does your blog - you're definitely teaching me a thing or two about new music.

3. Jo Boston at Taking Over the World One Bite at a Time - I love Jo's spirit too and her zest for a good meal and a good time is completely infections. Every time I read her, I wish I was having dinner with her. She makes me hungry for both good food and good fun.

4. Amanda at Miss Caught Up - Again, because of her wonderful spirit. Much like her posts, Amanda is unique and interesting and one does get "caught up" in reading about her life. She's always got something interesting going on and if she weren't on the other side of the country I know I'd be joining her for happy hour some time!

Obviously my must read list is much longer than this, but many of you already have this badge ... though I'd give it to you all over again. One of my greatest joys in having started this blog has been finding a whole new community out here in cyberland and getting to know you wonderful bloggers. Its all been delicious fun and that's what this Diva is all about!


Michele said...

Such wonderful things you said about me! :-) Thank you.
I'm off to explore the blogs that you passed the award to.

Vickie said...

Thank you! I am very honored. I really like your blog, too. It is so nice to connect with you.

Miss Caught Up said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I really appreciate it :) And thanks for the lovely compliment. We would so do Happy Hour if we were closer! :)

The Diva on a Diet said...

I meant every word, Michele. Thank you back!

Vickie, you too. So glad to have found your delightful blog!

MCU - next time you're in NYC we're on for happy hour!



I rock? That's a new one! I think people have edged around the subject of whether I rock or not by saying things like "interesting" and "different" so I think this is high praise.
Oh and all these new posts mean that I'm finally starting to get around to posting again after two loooong weeks.
Will post up soon!

Scarlet xx

The Diva on a Diet said...

You do indeed rock, dear Scarlet! And I need to catch up on your blog. We need more hours in the day!!!

Jo Boston said...

=) you sooooooo rock my socks miss diva.

The Diva on a Diet said...

You are welcome indeed, Jo! Love you blog and need to catch up on it soon. Hugs!