Friday, October 10, 2008

Cocktail Hour ...

Doesn't this look refreshing? I admit the photo is no prize winner, but I think it accurately conveys both the spirit of cocktail hour and simple pleasures of a well-made drink. I'm getting thirsty just looking at it ... and that's a problem. While alcohol is not strictly forbidden on The South Beach, its not exactly encouraged either ... empty calories and all that sort of thing. As always, I council moderation in all things.

I do enjoy a cocktail from time to time, particularly on a Friday or Saturday night. Generally, I prefer Scotch. Though when we sat down to cocktail hour a few weeks ago, we were sadly lacking in my drink of choice and it was incumbent upon the husband to whip up a tasty alternative. He's the bartender, chez Diva.

While the scotch was in short supply - we were decidedly long, very long, on Southern Comfort. Odd too, because neither of us is a fan of So.Co. per se. My favorite neighbor moved out a while ago and gifted me with the contents of her liquor cabinet ... which included several bottles of both So.Co. and Segram's 7 ... she had done some work for Segram's and they must have paid her in booze! I don't like gin and wasn't in the mood for vodka - so Southern Comfort it was. But what to mix with it?

We don't drink soda and I'm not fond of juice ... but my fridge is always full of freshly brewed, iced green tea. A light bulb went off! The husband mixed the So.Co. with the cold green tea, added a splash of lemon and served it over lots of ice. Delicious! The tea really tempered the sweetness of the Southern Comfort and the flavors worked well together. An unexpected pairing to be sure, but it works. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ...

The September 26th:

  • freshly brewed green tea, chilled
  • Souther Comfort
  • large wedge of lemon
  • 5 ice cubes
Place the ice in a short, 8 oz. glass and add a shot of Southern Comfort. Fill the rest of the glass with the cold green tea, squeeze in the lemon and add it to the drink. Stir well, serve and enjoy!

... named for the day on which it was created. You may note the garnish of sage leaves ... we were out of mint as well!

You'd do well to serve The September 26th with something salty - like nuts or olives - to balance the caramel notes of the drink. Really, its surprisingly good. Try it and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, what's your drink of choice? Thirsty Diva wants to know!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday. Cheers!


Tim Stevens said...

Tim is DEFINITELY liking the column today.
Some times you are forced to lower your standards based on need and the available resources. You gotta do, what you gotta do.
A 20 (or so) year old memory just popped into my head. I'll quote a dear long time friend. One word, bbbbbroowwwww.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh now ya talking! That looks delicious, I will have to try it just to make sure its as nice as you say!

Deb said...

If we're talking mixed drinks then I'm a margarita girl - rocks no salt please. However I normally prefer wine - which as it turns out is quite beachy - yeah for me!

Hope your vacation was FUN!


The Diva on a Diet said...

Excellent analysis, Tim ... need based lowered standards indeed! A few too many of these and a bbbbbroowwww would certainly be in order! ;)

I think you'll like it, Vintage Kitten ... its yummy!

Mmm, love the margaritas too, Deb - yes, rocks no salt, that's the way to go.

Miss Caught Up said...

Interesting! Especially the green tea in the mix.

I like Malibu Rum and pineapple juice. I tend to like more foo-foo-fruity drinks lol

The Diva on a Diet said...

MCU - this drink is on the sweet side, so you might like it. The SoCo is rather caramel-y.

Erin said...

This looks awesome!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Erin - thanks and welcome! It was surprisingly awesome! LOL