Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Update ...

Greetings all! I want to thank each and every one of your for your kind expressions of good luck and best wishes for our dear Pixelgal ... she did great! The surgery went very well and she was 100% awake and looking fantastic when we saw her afterwards. Frankly, she looked better than me! I'll be keeping a close eye on Mama Diva tomorrow and if things continue as I expect them to, I should be back in the city on Wednesday ... and back to the diet on Thursday. Suffice it to say that surgical stress has taken its toll on us all . Just wait for Wednesday's post ... you'll see what I mean. Oy!

I'm hitting the hay early tonight, hoping to improve on those 3 hours of sleep I had last night. Yawn!

Thanks again, dear readers, you guys rock!


Deb said...

So glad to hear about Mama Diva's success with her surgery. I knew she would do well, I suspect feisty runs in the damily LOL!

John is doing okay - he now has AFIB which is not unusual with the surgery he had. They still have him in ICU but we hope to move him tomorrow.

Take good care of Mom and enjoy your stay with her. It's not often we get to return the care we enjoyed as children.



Brilliant! Good to hear about Mama Diva! I hope you are back by tonight - obviously I've been unable to post as regularly but am temporarily back so will be looking forawrd to the next update!
Ciao now
Scarlet xoxo (the hugs are for Mama Diva ;)

The Diva on a Diet said...

Deb - so glad to hear from you. I hope that John has since been moved out of ICU and am continuing to keep you all in my prayers. Keep me posted as you're able. Hugs!

Yeah, Mama Diva's feisty alright ... she's also not answering her phone so I'm starting to panic. Gah, having a loved one in the hospital is the pits!

Scarlet - thank you so much for the good wishes for mum! You are a dear! I'm woefully behind on my blog reading and will have to catch up on yours asap! xoxoxo