Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breakfast of Champions ...

Its a windy, bitter 17 degrees out there today and I'm on my way to the gym. While I'd normally opt for a small breakfast of Greek yogurt and some nuts before hitting the gym, on a day like this I really need something heartier. I like a hot breakfast on a cold morning and today I'm going to share my favorite on-the-go product: Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal with Whole Wheat Flakes and Flaxseed.

Uncle Sam's is by no means a new product. Its been around for generations, since 1908, in fact. Its relatively new to me though. My favorite oatmeal is McCann's Irish Oatmeal. Just a simple can of steel cut oats, they are stunningly good and hearty. I don't always have time to make them though, and when in a hurry I turn to the Uncle.

I met Uncle Sam when I began my search for a sugar free instant oatmeal - and a happier introduction I couldn't imagine. I don't like all those sugary, flavored instant cereals and prefer to flavor my own. Sure, I know Quaker makes a plain, sugar-free instant oatmeal, but its pales in comparison to my beloved McCann's. It lacks the nutty goodness that I so enjoy. And, frankly, the texture leaves much to be desired. Its more alike to wall paper paste than not, whereas Uncle Sam's has a bit of crunch ... and I dig texture. The wheat flakes and flax go a long way towards bumping up the flavor as well. Its nearly as good as the steel cut oats and I adore it.

Take a look at the ingredients and nutritional profile:

Nothing un-pronounceable, no sugar added, and its got a decent amount of fiber and protein to boot. Color me delighted! I like to top my oatmeal with a few crushed walnuts and roasted pecans, a handful of diced Granny Smith apple and a generous dusting of cinnamon. Spectacular!

I make it in the microwave and it takes all of a minute and a half. Its a perfect way to start the day and I recommend it highly.

So, what's your favorite cold weather breakfast? Chilly Diva wants to know.

Bon appetitte!


HektikLyfe said...

I seriously thought this was a joke post at first. But then I realized it said Sam and not Tom. :X

It DOES look delicious. Bananas and walnuts!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks, and good luck...


Deb said...

When it's cooler out (it's never realy cold in Florida), I still eat my fav greek yogurt, kashi and fruit but I suplement with a steamy mug of decaf with no sugar added International Coffee Vanilla creamer. This is my one horrible chemical laden splurge! Unless I can get my hands on a cup of Dunkin Donuts extra cream Yum!

Anonymous said...

Our first proper winter in London for a good few years, has meant that I'm so glad I discovered proper oats for breakfast. Made on the stove, my current choice is a winter porridge from a company called Southern Alps which includes chopped pecans, slow-dried yellow figs and dates with a touch of cinnamon. Absolutely yum and 2 tbsps made with 8oz milk/water keeps me full until lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that anon was me...


The Diva on a Diet said...

LOL, Hektik! It is delish, try it, you'll like it. :)

Argentum - again, thanks so much for these great questions. They were wonderful!

Deb - we all have a dirty little chemical secret. No harm really when the rest of your diet is so healthy. I say enjoy it!

Scarlet - that porridge sounds wonderful. I'll be on the look out to see if they sell it here. Thanks for the tip!