Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Traditions ...

What would the holidays be without traditions? Shopping, wrapping, baking, visiting - 'tis the season for all of that, and more. And, in Divaland, that more includes some peculiar, and often amusing, traditions.

Diva cat Lucy has been obsessed with the Advent Wreath since she was a kitten. When she was small enough, she used to sleep in the middle of it. Having grown out of that, here's her favorite holiday activity ...

... picking the wreath apart! I snapped these pics some years ago ... but I'm pretty sure that's what she'll be up to while I'm out and about today.

I'm off to hunt and forage for gifts and the like. We'll do our tree tonight and likely I'll be baking up a storm over the weekend ... when I'm not busy defending the Advent Wreath, that is! Stay tuned for a full baking report next week and some new recipes.

Meanwhile, what's your favorite holiday tradition? Curious Diva wants to know.

Bon appetite!


pixelgal said...

My favorite holiday tradition is the awarding of the coal on Christmas morning. After all the gifts have been opened and everyone has exclaimed that there were too many for the 'Christmas Light' we vowed to do, one family member, human, canine or feline is always singled out for his/her heinous activities during the year. These charges are largely comic and bring a few laughs to our celebration. Unfortunately for everyone else, I'm the one who always awards the coal and therefore can never get it! Happy Holidays to all and enjoy your traditions.

Deb said...

I like when we all gather to exchange gifts and our daughter acts as the "present boy" and gives out everything to all those gathered and then we all unwrap like mad. One year she spent Christmas at her Dad's in Ct and we were all lost without her. Oh and did I mention the gigantic trees, I've had high ceilings since we moved to Florida and have used them to my advantage when choosing a tree. Even now we have gone artificial and it is a ten footer (much to my DH's dismay). One year in our old house we came home to find our cat at the door looking absolutely terrified and guilty. Our tree which she loved to sleep under was across the living room floor (through no fault of hers). We just tipped it back up but she did not spend as much time under it that year, not sure she trusted it to stay upright LOL!

Juliet said...

Aww. Lucy the cat is so cute. :)

The Diva on a Diet said...

Pixelgal - Love the coal tradition and the annual coal-poem! If I had a vote ... Sluggo would get it this year! ;)

Deb - I'm with you on the BIG tree ... though we kind of misjudged it a bit when we were at the tree stand and ended up with one that's probably half the size it should be this year! Its beautifully shaped and smells divine ... but way too short. Aw, poor scared kitty! We've had some cat-related tree disasters too. Hope you didn't loose too many ornaments. Cats and trees don't always mix.

Loved reading about your traditions and thanks for sharing them! :)

Aw, thanks, Juliet! I think so too. :)