Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cats and Cabbage

Today I am scouring the web and my cookbook collection - in search of an appropriate venue for my bro's amazing red cabbage. This cabbage is so beautifully formed that I'm almost sorry I have to use it. It should be commemorated in paint or, at a minimum, photographed ... and perhaps I will do so. Meanwhile, I'm thinking some kind of Asian slaw ... some combination of the cabbage, thinly sliced red peppers, shredded carrots, rice wine vinegar, some dark sesame oil and black sesame seeds, etc. If I don't find anything I like, I'll wing it and hope to avoid a culinary mishap! One thing I know for sure, there will be no mayo. ~shudder~ I can't stand the stuff. I don't even like people who like it. No, that's not really true - if it were I couldn't be married to the husband. He practically bathes in it ... or at least he used to before the cholesterol wake-up. He's over it now and is content with a tiny schmere of the reduced-fat stuff. I call that progress.

So, while I'm out and about creating more interesting vegetable dishes to post, please enjoy this picture of my darling Lucy. She's a Diva too and has her paws in *everything*. For the record this picture was taken well before the advent of the South Beach Diet and I was baking brownies ... peanut butter cup filled brownies ... and they were spectacular!

And, so her sister won't feel left out, here's one of Zelda ... asleep on a carving platter. Oy. Put down the phone ... there's no need to call the Board of Health ... I don't allow this to go on when other's are dining in my home and all cat-befouled items were throughly scrubbed before use!



Aw, this is your cat Zelda right? Sooo cute! Asian slaw sounds good though. Actually, I'm allergic to coleslaw and mayonnaise which is bad cos if I ever go to the US I have a feeling that it gets put on a heck of al lotta stuff!

Thanks for your kind comment and I've answered your questions about the bands. It's on my blog (duh, lol!).

So you seemed shocked by my fairly constant prescence - don't be. I was on holiday this week but if I find a good blog that I enjoy then I tend to keep visiting whenever there's something up, or a new post comes on. So yours is fun and has some great recipes with great anecdotes too.
Ciao love


The Diva on a Diet said...

Yep, they're both mine. Zelda is the tabby.

Welcome back from your holiday, I've been checking your blog and assumed you were away. Will stop in tomorrow and catch up.

You're right about mayo in the US ... its everywhere! Funny, but not.

Ciao and xoxoxo