Friday, July 25, 2008

House Keeping: Weekend Update

You already know that I'll be dining out and about for the next three nights. Tonight we'll be at Landmarc, prior to taking in Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed at the Rose Theater. I already know what I'll be having: chicken burger, no bun, extra greens on the side, hold the fries. I love Landmarc's menu, and I especially love the chicken burger. Its so savory and delicious ... really!

Saturday night's venue has yet to be determined, but on Sunday we're dining at Perry Street, with a friend who shares a July birthday. Its a belated celebration of sorts and I can't think of a better place to have it. We dined at Perry Street last year and I'm still thinking about the insanely good dessert I had - a luscious chocolate pudding with a hint of violet flavor. Interesting combination to be sure - but boy does it work! I'm kind of hoping it won't be on the menu this summer ... because I'd be hard pressed to resist its siren's song.

Look for my restaurant wrap-up on Monday - I'll have details from the weekend's dining indulgences and will be back to cooking at home on Monday night for sure.

Meanwhile, if you're surfing about this weekend, be sure to check out my updated blogroll on the right hand side under "The Diva's Favorites ..." I've added some new bloggers to the list, many of whom have been kind enough to stop in here and leave a comment. I'd like to return the favor, so hit them up when you're ready to leave.

Have a great weekend and, as always, make it Divalicious!


ßry™ said...

hehehe... girl thing~!



Oh that chocolate pudding sounds deeee-lish! I'm a fan of people mixing slightly unusual flavours to make new, more exotic ones.

Anyway, enjoy your chicken fest! Belated happy b-day too!


Deb said...

Happy weekend dining on the Beach! Also follow the 3 spoons rule, any desert can be shared just have 3 bites! Too much denial is not a good thing for a diva.


The Diva on a Diet said...

Hi Bry, and thanks for dropping in!

JamJar - I think you'd really like this pudding. Its unbelievable!

Deb - I def. wasn't in denial this weekend ... I ate bread ... had wine ... and had dessert. Twice! No damage done though, I got in some extra exercise and didn't gain. Phew! LOL