Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Mid-Summer Classic

There'll be no cooking for me tonight ... because ... I'm going to the All-Star Game! And I am ridiculously excited about it! Its a gorgeous day here and supposed to be a beautiful night, a perfect night for a perfect storm of baseball. My first All-Star Game, the last All-Star Game to be played in Yankee Stadium ... and the first time I'll be able to watch the game in peace without the relentlessly inane chatter of the Fox announcers. I'd be excited about going regardless but the fact that its my beloved home stadium makes it that much better. Couple that with the fact that my evening will be delightfully McCarver and Buck free and you can color me ecstatic!

If there's a more pompous ass in sports announcing than Tim McCarver, I'm sure I don't know who it is. (Though surely Joe Morgan might give him a run for the money at times.) I'll never forget the 2003 All-Star Game and McCarver and Buck's absurd, over-the-top praise of American League manager Mike Scioscia. They actually credited him with "reinventing the All-Star Game" that year and the husband and I have never stopped laughing about it. Whenever any announcer veers off into the overly effusive, one of us will turn to the other and say: "hey, remember when Mike Scioscia reinvented the All-Star Game?!" Ah, good times, good times. Five years running and we still think its funny.

I'm sure the lauding of Terry Francona will begin with minute one of the broadcast and the good news is I won't hear a word of it. I will, however, gladly cheer Francona on ... if only for today. He's excited about managing this year's game in Yankee Stadium and I like that. Good for him - and Go, American League!

So tonight I'm donning my Yankee cap, instead of a tiara or apron, and cheering on the boys of summer. Look for me somewhere behind 3rd base - I'll be the one wearing a Jeter shirt ... and booing Manny Ramirez! ~wink~


Deb said...

You won't be the only one booing Manny. Of course we'll be routing for the AL althoug when I went to bed last night they were down to the NL 2 to zip. Not sure yet how it all turned out since the radio hasn't said and I'm in work ungodly early. Hope you had FUN! I'm sure even your baseball cap was diva-like :)

The Diva on a Diet said...

You're right, Deb, we *weren't* the only ones booing Manny! We missed the end of the game as well. The husband is an attorney and had an early court date today. I was fine with that, we had such a great time and really the opening ceremonies were the most exciting part of the night.

By the way, are you a Rays fan?

Deb said...

Yes I am definitely a Rays fan. I heard our own Evan Langoria tied it up for the AL and got them into extra innings. Go Rays!

Sorry you missed the end of the game but any ball game that lasts past 10pm is beyond me and my bedtime!

pixelgal said...

You don't know what you missed with McCarver and friend that night. The best part was when they had Yogi on for an 'interview' and it lasted about 1/2 hour or so it seemed. Yogi is one of my faves however they talked to him like he was 5 years old, no one really said anything and all the while people were playing ball...unbeknownst to us viewers. Glad you had such a good time and love the pix!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Deb - Its exciting to see the Rays doing so well this year. Nice to shake up the division a bit and I certainly want them to give the Sox a run for first. I don't expect the Yanks to be in contention, so I'll be cheering for your Rays! Do you get to many games?

pixelgal - I heard the TV coverage of the ASG was worse than usual. Ugh! So glad I missed it. :)

Deb said...

We just recently went to a game and had a ball. We don't really go very often but are regular TV viewers. They broadcast most of the games and we are there. It actually broadcasts better here then going to the stadium and there's no traffic at the end - just roll over and go to sleep. Thanks for your support - we seem to need it now - hope the all star break was a good one for the team and they can start winning again.

Have a great weekend!