Monday, July 28, 2008

Shout Out: Papa Diva Edition

Mama (a.k.a. pixelgal) and Papa Diva were in town this weekend to help install the final piece of the *wonderful* wall unit that Papa Diva built for me. He is a Master Cabinetmaker extraordinaire and the following pictures simply won't do it justice. Papa Diva designed and built this extraordinary piece of furniture for us and it is magnificent! I am besides myself with happiness and wanted to share the end result with you. I'll have a wrap-up of our dining adventures to post later this afternoon, but for now, please enjoy the photos of my spectacular new media center / wall-unit.

The first is of Papa Diva and the husband installing the top portion. The next shows the final product - TV and all!

Isn't it spectacular? It changes the living room completely and adds some much needed architectural detail and interest. I could not love it more! I am truly blessed to have such a talented and creative dad, and I love looking around our home and seeing all of the special pieces he's created for us over the years. This wall unit is certainly his Pièce de résistance and I can't thank him enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Papa Diva! Mwah!


rachel said...

What a great job your Dad did! Kevin mentioned what good work the project was, and how it fits in your living room. So, here I am, jus' chillin' prior to going to the beach (the sandy one, but still without too many carbos...), and loving livvingn here on The Cape. Makes one appreciate all the different types of wayss to live hat there are- while we adore our NYC urban life, getting used to driving along the beach, lighthouse behind us, sailboats on the horizon, to the kids' programs each day is pretty danged nice, too. We are truly lucky, lucky! Again - enjoyed you dad's workmanship! When's movie night?

The Diva on a Diet said...

Hi Rach - Thanks for the lovely comments on the media center. We are so delighted with it! You're right, it is interesting to think about and appreciate all the different ways to live in this world ... and its really nice that you're getting to enjoy the beach living! I'll bet its wonderful! (And I wish I could join you for some sun and sand.) We are lucking indeed. :)

Good point, will have to schedule a family movie night when you return from your beach adventure.

Have a great day!

Kat said...

Whoa! That is an amazing piece of work! The color is so rich and vibrant. The only thing my dad can build is his hockey card collection!

Jeanie said...

It's beautiful. The color is gorgeous and the design is perfect. Way to go Papa Diva!

Vera said...

It's gorgeous! Love it! Way to go PapaDiva!

Deb said...

Very beautiful piece of furniture that you will always have as a emory of our Dad and how special he is to you. It is spectacular on the wall and is a perfect surround for your TV. Do you rent Diva Dad out?

pixelgal said...

When is it my turn????

The shoemaker's wife.

The Diva on a Diet said...

Thank you all SO much for the wonderful compliments on the wall unit. I know Papa Diva is reading this and he will be most pleased!

As for renting him out ... we joked about it but pixelgal is *not* amused. I believe she's next in line ... or at least she *should* be! LOL

Anonymous said...

The only thing more beautiful than that cabinet ... is a girl who loves her dad.
It's a wonderful thing.
-- veejay

Anonymous said... beautiful. It's a treasure. I specially love the lights!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece of furniture. Does your Dad want to adopt me?

The Diva on a Diet said...

becky - we'll have to plan a "core strategy" meeting so you can see it in person!

Anonymous ... if I said yes ... pixelgal's head might explode! LOL