Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Is everyone ready for the last blast of summer? I know I am. This past week's cooler temps have me ready for Fall ... and I'm eagerly awaiting the close of Brillo Head Season. It won't be long now!

We'll be heading off to Momma and Papa Diva's today and I look forward to reaping the late harvest bounty of bro's garden. I'm told the tomatoes are plentiful and delicious. Sweet! Weather permitting, we'll be grillin' and chillin' with la famila grande and I'm excited about it.

In addition to the internet woes, I've been separated from my stove again this week and will need to remedy that next week. New recipes coming soon! I should mention that I decided to bake Ellie Krieger's triple chocolate cookies on Wednesday and they were *spectacular*. I won't repost the recipe here, because I didn't alter it at all. If you have the book and have not tried these cookies - do so. They were certainly a hit at the party last night - my nephew gave them a big "thumbs up." This bodes well for "The Food You Crave" and I'm looking forward to further exploration of the book.

Along with the new recipes, I'll have some news to share with you next week. Stay tuned! And, in the meantime, tell me how you're planning to spend the holiday weekend? If you're doing the BBQ thing - what will you be cooking and what's your favorite late-summer dish? Hungry Divas want to know!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, dear readers, and make it Divalicious!


Miss Caught Up said...

Well, if I have time after work tonight I plan to bake a cheesecake tonight before my Mother arrives.

Can't wait to read about the new news next week! :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

pixelgal said...

I have a giant family picnic planned with my favorite Diva in attendance, so I'd better be making something from this blog or my name will be mud. So that giant zucchini is staring me in the face and didn't get stuffed the other night and may indeed make it to the feast. Dessert is an issue and bro and wife have been known to come up with veggie ideas for same so I'll let you know how this turns out. Enjoy eveyone!

Deb said...

Have a wonderful time with your families Diva and pixiegal! I'll be cooking but not on the grill - I have a spaghetti sauce calling my name to build and am thinking of cooking the biscotti from Ellie's book. So far there are no losers in this book. I made her fried rice the other night with my "special" brown rice as a base - I didn't add any extra veggies since I already had so many in it and used chicken breast instead of tofu but it was fabulous and a good use for all that extra leftover brown rice.

Keepin it beachy

Sass said...

Can't wait to hear (read) your news! Have a fabulous weekend! far as food goes...I'll be cooking a big, steaming, scrumptious pot of...nothing! Going to see my mom instead!


Deb said...

Diva made both the biscotti and the triple fudge cookies. You were so right - goooood cookies. The biscotti were very good as well although the batter was very dry so I used a little more olive oil and some of the juice from the orange I zested to moisten it up. We had a wonderful day with kids and grandkid and lots of good food and family bonding. Hope you had a similar day!


The Diva on a Diet said...

Miss Caught Up ... did you bake the cheesecake???

Deb - that EK fried rice was calling out to me as well. Will def. try it soon. Glad you liked the triple chocolate cookies - they are magnificent!

We did have a similar weekend - great food and family bonding on all counts. I think I'm still full! So glad you enjoyed the holiday with your family too. Nice!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Sassy - LOL at cooking a big pot of nothing! Good for you! I really didn't cook much either, but I sure ate. Back to the diet today!