Friday, August 22, 2008

Its Friday ... you know the drill by now ...

As it turns out, the husband is working at home today and we're fighting for the laptop. I guess I need to let him win since he's actually earning money while he writes!

Its another glorious day here in NYC, August has been just lovely, so I'm heading down to the Union Square farmer's market to score some more native corn. Its not SB approved, but I don't care - native corn season is short and sweet and I like to take full advantage of it.

Which brings me to my question of the day. This one was actually posed by Tracy of Pinot & Pineapple yesterday ... it concerns local v.s. organic produce. Which is the "greener" option? If you could only choose one, either a locally raised product, or an organic product which was raised elsewhere, which would you choose and why? Hit the link and read Tracy's post - and share your thoughts on the matter.

I try to buy produce that is both local and organic ... but its not always possible. In the summer, I tend to buy local - almost by default - because there's so much available and I love to shop the farmer's markets and local farm stands when I'm out and about. In other seasons, I will generally opt for organic where possible.

Meanwhile, I'm also on another quest today. I'm in search of roasted carob powder. Deb, from Altered Plates, posted a wonderful brownie recipe yesterday that is both flour and sugar free. Hit the link and take a look. I'm dying to try this recipe and my heart will be broken if I can't find the carob powder. Wish me luck!

So that's my plan for the day. I've given you your homework assignments, and plenty of time to complete them ... surf on, hungry readers, and I'll see you on Monday!


Deb said...

Ah seasonal fresh corn - SB legal or not who cares and I'm lucky since it does not give rise to cravings so I do indulge. Ellie Krieger has a killer summer corn and vegetable soup that uses frozen but I'm sure could be done with fresh. It's a great large pot multi day meal that I take for lunches at work. I'm sure you could find the recipe on Foodnetwork but if not email me and I'll send it to you. Yum!

Have a great weekend Diva



Both organic and local at the same time surely? How do you grow produce in NY anyway? Seems like that would be a really hard task considering there's really not that much room!

Scarlet x

pixelgal said...

I'm for local produce. Skeptic that I am organic requires a leap of faith and vast amounts of cash. I prefer the local corn--some from the garden and some from Hindinger Farms near us (Deb, another place for you to try). And by all means eat the corn in season. It's very short and over all too soon. Enjoy!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Deb - fortunately I'm like you in that corn doesn't trigger any cravings for me either. That soup sounds yummy, I'm going to pick up Ellie's book!

Scarlet - you're right, our produce isn't exactly local ... as in its not grown in NYC ... but I do try to by from NY state farms, places close to the city.

Pixelgal - I'm dying for some Hindy's corn ... since bros is all gone! :)