Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday!

What to say about the new background? Eh, I dunno ... we have 8 votes in favor of the pink w/polka dots and one against. What I'd like to do is keep the pink and the black bows and leave off the polka dots, but that was a "pre-fab" template and its all or nothing. I suppose I could figure out how to write my own HTML and get exactly what I want ... but I need to get in the kitchen and get cooking so that will have to wait for another day.

The plain white background is so not me, and I'm still looking to make a change. I love the pink and black combo, but agree that it was a bit busy. I think I'll go with the pale pink for now and work on figuring out the coding some other time. I do thank you for your opinions, dear readers. I want my site to look as good as I feel, and the plain 'ole white just doesn't cut it. The search continues.

Meanwhile, I'm putting on my mascara, trying to tame the frizz beast, and heading for the grocery store this afternoon. Look for the chicken head tomorrow, because he's certainly on the menu for tonight. We stopped at another farm stand this weekend and I've got fresh produce at the ready and a craving for barbecued chicken. I'll have to rework the recipe and make it SB acceptable, so there's going to be some adapting going on today.

We spent the weekend up in the Berkshires with mama and papa Diva, the husband's father and two friends of the family. And what a treat it was! There was a hint of fall in the air and all manner of fresh veggies available at the local stands. I'm really looking forward to the native corn and beautiful yellow bell peppers from the farm in Williamstown, MA. Mama Diva also brought me some tomatoes, potatoes and another giant zucchini from bro's garden. Yum!

This weird little picture was taken at the farm in Williamstown. Though I had my camera in my purse the whole time, I only took two pictures and neither of them are all that exciting. I do like the way the sky looks here and you can see that we were blessed with some spectacular weather. Nothing like a weekend in the country to renew your senses!

Now its time to reintroduce myself to the stove and get to work. More recipes tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Deb said...

Love the plain pink.

Glad to hear the chicken head is on the horizon - I've missed him.

I know you'd be interested to hear I made a killer brown rice tomight with tons of veggies - onions red peppers carrots peas and corn - alright not all completely beachy but they don't give rise to cravings for me, I reserve that for chocolate!

Have a good day tinkering with BBQ!



No, I preferred the polka dots! It gave it that kind of edge that when you look at the blog you think "wow, this is different, I'll read on" - the plain pink is too... well, PLAIN!

Hah, hope my opinion counts for like 2 votes! Sorry I haven't been on in AGES because I've been a bit snowed under with stuff...

Scarlet x

The Diva on a Diet said...

Mmm, Deb, that rice sounds awesome. I think of you every time I make brown rice now ... because I'm doing it the way you described ... with the sauteed veggies, etc. Its delish!

Btw, I hope Fay is going to stay clear of Tampa, I'm worrying about you!

Scarlet - I'm sorry you've been snowed under with stuff. Was wondering where you were because I didn't see anything new on your blog. Hope its all going well!

As for the plain pink - I agree. But I wasn't loving the polka dots. I'm still searching for the exact right look ... or failing that I may engage a web designer.


Deb said...

Not to worry Diva - we have an Indian legend supposedly protecting us from these storms, Fay was a far miss.

Glad to hear you are a brown rice veggie convert. I make big batches and use all week.

Happy background hunting!